We believe everyone should have access to beautiful, healthy surroundings that coexist in harmony with nature. Our commitment to land management using sustainable practices starts in resources to help home gardeners of all levels. We offer a full line of lawn care and landscape services that rely on environmentally-friendly techniques to create beautiful landscapes safe for all living organisms

Growing Plant



Healthy plants start with healthy soil. We focus on the 1 billion + organisms that live in 1 teaspoon of healthy soil 

Gardening Tools


We use a compost topdressing and mulch topdressing - along with closely planted perennials - to prevent weeds. 




All our handheld equipment is powered by solar panels and we focus on reducing landfill waste by saving old materials to be reused in later projects. Any remaining waste we try to recycle. 




Yard care chemicals are toxic to living organisms. Therefore, we use them sparingly as a last resort  - typically to combat invasive species. See chemicals for more information




Native plants support biodiversity, are easier to grow and cheaper to maintain than nonnative plants. Year-to-date we have planted over 1,500 natives and handed out over 150 plugs.

Environmental Focus

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall


Our Services


Grass Cutting

We use electric equipment including mower, trimmers, blower and chainsaw to reduce noise, air and groundwater pollution. Click for more information.



1/3 of leaf matter becomes long-lived soil organic matter which conditions your soil. We'll use our electric equipment to spread, and shred, your leaves keeping the grass healthy. 



Starting with your goals, we will create a beautiful design using native plants to add color throughout the season while addressing problem areas, adding diversity and crowding out weeds with living groundcovers.

*For landscapes we install only



We'll handle your plants with care to ensure they get the best possible start transforming your yard into an environmental wonderland.



We want to keep your paradise looking its best. From the occasional weeding to trimming or pruning, we're here for you. 


About Us


I am Tim Sheppard. I have chosen to become a spokesperson for living organisms that cannot speak for themselves. ​I am committed to creating healthy environments in our community starting from the ground up with the soil food web. This "web" is a connection supporting both plants and insects that together are part of the Food Cycle that supports larger animals like birds - an interconnection that goes all the way up the food chain. Accomplishments

  • Recipient of 2020 E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation Grant used to create a Demonstration Wildflower Meadow at Laurel Woods Trail

  • Completed Spotted Lanternfly Training at Penn State Extention

  • Longwood Gardens Landscape Design Certification (in process)

  • Natural Lands Force of Nature Class of 2021

  • Friends of the New Garden Trails Volunteer

  • Coursework at Penn State Extension and Mount Cuba    

  • National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Garden