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Regenerative Benefits

We measure success differently. To coexist with all living organisms, we only use sustainable processes.  

1. Store More Carbon – Whether amending with carbon rich compost, or covering the ground with native plants, regenerative homes store more than 2 times the amount of carbon than conventional homes. 

2. Less weeds – Weeds play an important role in nature by fixing imbalances in the soil. Building healthy soils fixes imbalances so weed seeds don’t germinate

3. Less chemicals – Fewer weeds germinating means less maintenance and less chemicals.  

4. Drought resistant – A 1% increase in soil organic matter over 1 acre can hold an additional 20,000 gallons of water. 

5. Healthier Plants – Healthy soil provides plants with the right nutrients at the right time, so plants are less prone to pests.  

6. Less maintenance – When balanced, nature uses living organisms in the soil to maintain your landscape OR humans can replicate processes like dethatching, aerating, fertilizing at a much higher financial and environmental impact. 

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