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Soil Shepherds is a full-service landscape company based in Avondale, PA. 

Our mission is to visibly increase the amount of wildlife everywhere we look. Our vision is to integrate sustainable carbon neutral solutions.

Learning from the past

The landscape industry is built on a foundation of convenience that provides quick results while sacrificing unseen microscopic living organisms that are critical to soil health and in-turn, plant health. It is not possible to create beautiful landscapes full of life without focusing on the soil. Covering soil in weed fabric and oil-laced, black-dyed mulch, then using spray and pellet solutions for maintenance kills the microbes essential for soil health. We realized we must landscape differently. 

Creating a sustainable future 

There is a growing movement for homeowners to reduce lawns, return areas to nature, and to use native plants. These are great goals but there's so much more homeowners can do when we borrow from the most cutting-edge innovations in agriculture, and specifically, regenerative farming.  The most successful and sustainable farms are fueled by healthy soil - not chemicals.

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